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Tank 86

11 июня 16:57
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 Dutch gods of the underground Tank86 have formed in 2005. Since then they played intensively alongside like-minded bands such as Monster Magnet, Dozer, Pelican and Repomen.
Tank86 deliverd 5 huge riff-heavy tracks with instrumental sludgy stonemetaldoom on their debut EP 'Behold'. This overwhelming introduction to this band is always matched by their impressive live performances. The greatness of what is yet to come shines through already.
Tank86: "We are very happy with all the positive responses to our EP 'Behold'. We are currently writing new material for our upcoming full-length. If you liked the EP, you will love what you're gonna hear on the album!"
More thrash and melodic influences come in alongside their signature weird timings and heavy instrumentalism. Hamonised guitars and a more layered approach add more depth to the already massive sound of the band.
Expect collapsing buildings.
По мне, так неплохой стоунер, напоминает Karma to Burn и 35007.

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